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Download NBA 2K19 Apk Data+OBB+Mod | NBA 2K19 APK for Android

NBA 2K19 mod apk

Download and Install NBA 2K19 Mod APK+OBB

NBA 2K19 APK is one of the most awaited game for all type of gamers out there. NBA 2K19 is an amazing game which is launched by the most popular 2k franchise. The previous version of the same ie, NBA 2k18 was a huge success and broke all the records. In this article we are going to hit a complete tutorial on downloading NBA 2K19 APK+OBB on your android device.

NBA 2K19 APK is going to be huge in all way even in terms of graphics and the gameplay. The ingame graphics of the NBA 2K19 APK+OBB light weight game is top notch as hear by our close sources. You can download the NBA 2K19 APK from this tutorial in the most easiest way.

Latest NBA 2K19 APK+OBB

NBA 2K19 Apk – Mod Apk + OBB & Data Files Download

We are just pretty sure that NBA game got a lot of fans and they are in search of the perfect NBA game for Android devices. NBA 2K19 APK features all of your superstars in their own characteristics and moves. We are talking out NBA 2K19 APK+ OBB files in this article and you guys are going to try this game atleast once.

NBA 2K19 APK Download: NBA 2K19 Apk on Android

Now in this section we are going to talk about some amazing features that NBA 2k19 APK posses on your device. This is going to be a game changer in the NBA games franchise.

  • NBA 2K19 will feature most of your favourite players with their moves and characterestics and same with the teams too, it features most of the teams in NBA.
  • NBA 2K19 APK+OBB has a lot of top notch game graphics and the moves of each players are just amazing with featured theme songs and dtones.
  • Apart from the NBA 2k18, This game features online multiplayer gaming and that too with amazing connectivity. The online multiplayer features both Local Wifi and Online Multiplayer.
  • The 2k franchise provides an amazing in game support for the users and they keep giving updates and customer support for NBA 2K19 APK.

Install NBA 2K19 APK and OBB file on Android

Now we are going to talk about the installation process of NBA 2K19 APK+OBB files on your android device. NBA 2K19 wont be available in playstore, so we have updated the download links to download NBA 2K19 APK+OBB files.


  • Download the latest NBA 2K19 APK for your Android device from the below given link.


  • Once you have downloaded the APK file, just move it to a specific folder in your SD Card.
  • Just dont away install the APK file alone, you should need the OBB file to do the same and we have given the download link for the same below.

Configuration Requirements to install NBA 2K19 APK+OBB on Android

Now we will go through the configuration requirements ton install NBA 2K19 APK+OBB on your device. This game  posses top notch graphics and so the device you use to play will need the below mentioned configuration. As this is a highly graphic oriented game, so you should need to download and install OBB file also. We will link you to the download files in below section. But before that we need to go through the Configuration requirements in order to play this game.

  • The device should be of Android Lolipop 5.0 or the above versions.
  • NBA 2K19 should need atleast 2GB RAM, as its a heavy graphics oriented game the RAM usage will be high.
  • The processor should be minimum 1.8GHz and quad cores to run the game without any lag or hassle.

Download NBA 2K19 MOD Apk Data+OBB (Unlimited Money)

In the latest NBA 2K19 MOD APK, you will get a bonanza where all players will be unlocked and the levels too. There are a lot of users who mailed us to pull down a  MOD version of this game.

UPDATE! A big Update is up, where you can download NBA 2K19 Modded APK+OBB on your android device from here. we are giving away the direct download links without any spam. You can download the most updated NBA 2K19 APK+OBB , NBA 2K19 APK with unlimited money from the below given link.

NBA 2K19 MOD Apk Data+OBB (Unlimited Money)

Every players and paid features will be completely unlocked in NBA 2K19 MOD APK. It will work in both Offline and Multiplayer games as you could outsmart your fellow gamers in every game you play.

Updated NBA 2K19 APK

  • Download the most updated NBA 2K19 APK and OBB for your device from the below mentioned links.

NBA 2K19 Mod APK


  • Once the files are downloaded , you should move it a specific folder and extract the downloaded ZIP file.
  • Now you will get a file named NBA2K19.OBB, All you want is to create a OBB folder inside SD Card/Android and move the file to the same.
  • Now open up the settings page and from there choose Security and turn on Unknown Sources as in android it needs permission to install third party games.
  • No if you haven’t installed the NBA 2K19 APK file in your device yet. Install it and start playing the game from your homescreen.

Download and Install  NBA  2K19 APK + OBB using TutuApp

You will be able to install NBA 2K19 APK+OBB from the third party application called Tutu Helper. Tutu Helper is a third party app installer and fro here you will be able to install any paid applications for free. So lets have a look on How to download NBA 2K19 APK for android.

But before installing this game on your device, need to change some settings as below.

  • Navigate to settings and opt in to Security tab.
  • From there, check on the Unknown Sources option and you will get a confirmation message. Just Tap on OK and continue.

change from settings page

The unknown sources will be enabled on and now you will be able to install any kind of third party applications in your device.

  • Now we will go through on How to Install NBA 2K19 APK+OBB on your device with the help of Tutu Helper App. All you want to do is to follow the below mentioned steps.
  • Launch TuTu Helper App on your device and search for NBA 2K19 APK, From the search bar, search down NBA 2K19 and results will showdown and from that Tap on NBA 2K19.
  • It will redirect to the download page and from there tap on the download button and the installation process will start to roll on.
  • Once the installation process is done, navigate back to the home screen and you can launch the game by hitting the game icon.
Conclusion:  Install NBA 2K19 Compressed APK+Data+OBB Files

Hope this article on download and install NBA 2K19 APK + OBB(Online/Offline)  on your android device helped you out. So if you have any further queries, you can shoot it through the comments and we will reply as soon as possible.


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