As NBA 2K18 became a grand success, the team is now looking forward in making the next impact ie, NBA 2K19 iOS in way more  exciting one than the 2K18 version. They have officially announced the launch of the 2K19 version in the beginning of this year and its bringing up by the famous 2K productions. They are one of the finest game producers in the field and we are going to follow up this article in the most brief way.

With one of the most advanced and never seen before feature in NBA history where you can interact with the gaming arenas, streets and much more like a real life interactive game. These are some of the features that drag attention of most of the gamers and make them play the actual game. We can expect more updates in the NBA 2K19 iOS version and  in the 2K20 version.

NBA 2K19 iOS

In this article we are going to tell you guys about the complete installation process of NBA 2K19 on iOS devices including iPhone/iPad. As we mentioned above this game is going to be an amazing one in all means and most of the gamers out there are waiting to download NBA 2K19 iOS.

Features of NBA 2K19 for iOS : NBA 2K19 on iPhone/iPad.

Before hitting up the installation process, we will hit on through some of the amazing in game features of NBA 2K19 for iOS devices and we are pretty sure that, you guys are going to try this game for sure once you go through the below features.

  • The NBA 2K19 iOS will have all the  vintage modes which makes it an attractive feature  and it will pump up the fun part inside the game for sure.
  • Online multiplayer is another killer feature for NBA 2K19 iOS and it helps players can interact  globally and play under the same team. it includes Local Wifi gaming also, where you can math up with your friends.
  • NBA 2K19 features a good number of teams, so that you choose within them and you can set up your dream team including your favorite players.

Updated NBA 2k19 for iOS

  • As far as the visual-effects and sounds is concerned, the developers of NBA 2K19 for iOS has made huge effort in making it a real life experience and with added details on sound effects making it worthy for gamers.
  • The in game physics are much amazing and the developers have chucked up all of it in this game like the shooting, dribbling of the players and to some extent we will get a real gaming feel in NBA 2K19 for iOS.

Install NBA 2K19 on iOS(iPhone/iPad) using iAndroid Emulator

Now all you need to do is follow the steps given below in downloading NBA 2K19 for iOS device. As you all know NBA 2K19 is is not available for iOS devices in App Store, but we can download it through the process given below. The download links are available in the link given below, so that makes it easy for you to download and enjoy NBA 2K19 iOS and feel the heat of NBA.

A whole lot of android emulators are available and the user have to choose one among them as they enable you to download the game application on the ios device.

  • To get the complete android experience on your iOS device we prefer iAndriod as the best emulator. This is very much user friendly and is moreover like a normal application so you can install it in your iOS device out of ease.
  • To have iAndroid on your iOS device just open cydia and hit the scearch bar with this URL,  http://apt,
  • Once you done that, iAndroid will pop up on the search results and simply hit on the button to download it on any iOS device with jailbreak.


This takes hardly a few minutes to download the application and install the NBA 2K19 on your device, but before opening jsut make sure you check the following steps throughly:

  • Now you have to Download the NBA 2K19 APK+OBB from the link given below and you need to extract the file once you done that.

Download NBA 2K19 + OBB files 

  • You will get 2 folders like NBA 2K19 APK and NBA 2K19 OBB file. First of all you need to move the OBB file to Android/OBB in the iAndroid Emulator. If you cant find such an OBB folder, create a folder with that name.
  • Once you moved the file to OBB folder, you need to Install the APK file and get back to the home screen and open up iAndroid emulator and from there you can launch NBA 2K19 for iOS on your iPhone/iPad.

There is no need of jail breaking your iOS device to download NBA 2K19 on your iPhone/iPad. This is the most awaited game for both android and iOS in this year.

Conclusion: we assure that NBA 2K19 iOS is not going to disappoint at any case interms of in-game graphics and effects. Hope this article on download and install NBA 2K19 iOS for iPhone/iPad helped you out. If you have any further queries or issues related to the same, shoot us through the comments and we will reply you at the earliest.